A Simple Study Technique That Will Help You Ace Any Test

Studying for tests can be hard. It’s not something that most of us will enjoy, but it is very essential. After all, it is tests and the grades that we secure, that determines our future careers. Studying is something that needs to be done regularly. This is because our brains are programmed to only remember recent and important things. Hence, only if we constantly keep studying and revising what we’ve studied previously will our brains remember. Hence, for tests that require you to have a deep understanding of various concepts related to the subject, you must spend at least 8-9 months preparing for it. It is easy to lose focus for a day, several days or even several weeks during┬áthese 8-9 months. All it takes is one class or study session skipped in favor of something more enjoyable and you will soon find yourself falling down a dangerous spiral of skipping every session.

To avoid this from happening, you need to be accountable. Since you can easily fool yourself by promising to do things in the future, you need to be accountable to someone else. This could be your friend or a teacher or even Facebook!

Once you have an accountability partner, you need to set the rules and targets after discussing with them. The targets should be measurable and easy enough to achieve each day. It is important to set daily targets because it will keep you disciplined and to the task each day. It could be something like 1 hour of study and 1 hour of revision on all weekdays and just 1 hour of revision on weekends. These should be such that even in the worst possible days, you should still be able to achieve the target. Hence, a wise way would be to have a minimum target and an ideal target.

Once the rules and targets are decided, you should get a calendar and some color pens. Hand these over to your accountability partner and tell them to mark each day with green or red based on whether you have achieved your minimum target for the day or not.

Next, ask your partner to also keep a track of the number of continuous days when you’ve achieved your minimum target and earned a green day on the calendar. This will be your streak number and it will keep increasing with each successive green day but fall back to 0 when you have a red day. Now, you really need not worry too much about the test that lies 9 months away. All you need to do is focus on getting a green day each day and you can be sure that when the test does come, you will be in the best state to ace it.

The 3 Easiest AP Tests To Boost Your Grades

AP tests are an important aspect of every student’s career. They decide what course he/she studies and in which college. When such things are at stake, it is very important to choose a good mix of AP tests that play to your strengths as well as show you in the best light. Some people recommend taking a full bag of hard tests and trying to pass them all. This will show you in exceptional light and pave the way for admission to one of the top schools in the country.

However, this strategy is a double-edged sword and if it backfires could leave you with a bag full of failed scores. Hence, the smart thing to do when choosing your exams would be to pick out a good mix of easy and hard tests, so that you maximize your chances of getting an excellent grade in all the subjects that you choose. Let us now take a look at the 3 Easiest AP tests that you can take to boost your grades.

AP US Government:

If you’ve lived all your life in the United States, then AP US Government should be one of the easiest exams for you to excel in. This is because the test mostly comprises of things you would already be familiar with; things such as amendments to the constitution, Presidential powers, etc. This is something every kid will grow up learning and so the test in itself will feel more like a trip down memory lane, when you remember the time when your grandpa explained to you the importance of the First Amendment.

AP Human Geography:

AP Human Geography will try to test your knowledge of the impact of humans on planet Earth. The test will cover different aspects of how Human Civilizations throughout history have built cities and monuments, thus altering the entire Geography of the planet. This is a subject that can be entirely self-studied and aced easily. If you do find the study books long and boring to read, you can use the huge amount of video resources available on the subject online.

AP Environmental Science:

We are what we are, due to the environment that we live in. The Air, water, soil, animals, etc. directly affect our culture and health. AP Environmental Science aims to test our understanding of these aspects of Mother Nature. The test can be aced easily with a few months of self-study and can contribute nicely to your grades.